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2019 Intensive Ba Gua Zhang Training with Tom Bisio

Learn the profound art of Ba Gua Zhang
in 3 weekend intensives

Classes are taught by Tom Bisio
& instructors from Internal Arts International

Develop the foundation of Ba Gua Zhang as a martial art and internal energy system in three intensive weekends. Each day consists of 6 hours training with a one hour break in the middle.

Ideal for beginning students who have little or no experience in Ba Gua Zhang, as well as advanced practitioners who would like to review the crucial foundational material that is the basis of all of Ba Gua’s techniques and methods.

This class series is also a perfect fit for students in our Authentic Ba Gua Zhang online learning programs who want to take their training to another level. We are committed to making these classes equally valuable to experienced practitioners and beginning students alike.


Weekend One – Building the Foundation

A Strong Foundation is the Key to Mastery

1. Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang)

Standing meditation – “internal movement within exterior stillness” – is one of the most important parts of training in Ba Gua Zhang and the internal martial arts. Standing Meditation allows one to cultivate and actualize the body’s intrinsic energy and power.

2. Foundational Exercises

The Foundational Exercises open and loosen all the joints in the body, while connecting the practitioner with the body’s inherent spiral forces. The Foundational Exercises are the building blocks for advanced movements, and work synergistically with the second core practice – Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong (Ding Shi).

3. The 5 Basic Stepping Methods

These five basic stepping patterns develop a flexible, rooted steps.

  1. Mud Wading Step
  2. Chicken Step
  3. Crane Step
  4. Phoenix Step
  5. Serpent Step

4. Walking the Circle – 3 Basic Postures of Circle Walking Nei Gong

Circle Walking Nei Gong develops Ba Gua’s unique circular footwork and internal stillness within external movement. Walking the Circle is a profound practice that lies at the very heart of Ba Gua Zhang’s internal energy development and martial techniques. Circle Walking Nei Gong strengthens the body and develops the circular, spiraling power that makes Ba Gua Zhang both an effective martial art and advanced energy practice.

Weekend Two: Consolidating the Foundation

Consolidating the Foundation Unifies Qi and Spirit

1. 12 Ba Gua Standing Postures

The 12 Standing Postures are a method of dynamic stance training that strengthens the entire body and stabilizes the joints. Each posture fully engages with spiral power configurations (wrapping, twisting, drilling, and coiling), which run through the body and produce integrated whole body power.

2. Walking the Circle: The Ten Postures

The Ten Circle Walking Nei Gong Postures will be explored in detail.

3. Energetic and Martial Applications of the 10 Basic Postures

The 10 basic Circle Walking Postures open the different energetic channels, while also developing basic martial application.

4. Single Palm Change

With the Single Palm Change, students begin their journey into the heart of Ba Gua Zhang. The Single Palm Change unifies all of the Foundational practices into a a single movement sequence that underpins Ba Gua’s many martial techniques and internal development methods. Senior masters of Ba Gua Zhang practice The Single Palm Change their entire lives, seeking and exploring its profound mysteries.

Weekend Three: Entering the Heart of Ba Gua Zhang

Entering into the Heart of the Art of Ba Gua Zhang’s Mysterious Circular Changes
Balances Yin and Yang

1. Introduction to Tian Gan (“Heavenly Stem”) Exercises

An introduction to Tian Gan exercises, a unique Nei Gong set specific to Ba Gua Zhang that helps participants develop the circular wrapping, winding and spiraling internal power mechanics.

2. Double Palm Change

The Double Palm Change develops Yin (Earth) energies, thereby complimenting the more Yang (heaven) energies of the Single Palm Change. The Yin and Yang energies of the body are now balanced.

3. Hidden Hand Palm Change

The Third Palm Change, together with the Single and Double Palm Change,  are said to be the origin of all of Ba Gua’s infinite techniques and changes .

4. Linear Palm #1 and  #2: The Uplifting Palm and Yin Striking Palm

The linear expressions of the Single and Double Palm Changes will be practiced alone and with a partner. Linear palms help to emphasize  the body’s opening, expanding energies (Kai), which harmonize with the combining, closing (He) energies emphasized by Circle Walking Nei Gong.

Weekend 1: January 12-13, 2019
Weekend 2: February 23-24, 2019
Weekend 3: March 23-24, 2019

$900 for the three weekend series

Chinatown NYC

Class size limited – register today!