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2018 Ba Gua Zhang 64 Broadsword Seminars

Ba Gua Zhang 64 Broadsword (Dao) Seminars

January 20-21 & March 3-4, 2018

The Dao or “Broadsword” is Ba Gua’s quintessential edged weapon. Practicing with the Dao improves Ba Gua Shen Fa (Body Mechanics), teaches practical weapon skills, and develops outward extension of Intention and Qi.

Over two intensive weekends students will learn how to use the Dao, including:

  • Dao Circle Walking Nei Gong
  • Basic Guard Positions with the Dao
  • Blocking and Counter Training Drills
  • 64 Broadsword Form of Master Wang Shi Tong
  • Practical Applications of the Form & Related Training Exercises

The Ba Gua Zhang 64 Broadsword Form is one of the gems of Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang, passed down to us by Master Wang Shi Tong who learned directly from Guo Ge Min. The Ba Gua 64 Broadsword combines subtle internal movement with practical techniques and strategies. Tom Bisio learned the Ba Gua 64 Broadsword from Master Wang. In this class we delve into the techniques, strategies and training methods of the Ba Gua Broadsword in order to take your Ba Gua to a higher level while imparting the essence of this classic Ba Gua Weapon.

Prerequisite: Students must have completed the Foundational Level of Ba Gua Zhang through NYIA classes or online learning, or learned the equivalent material with another instructor or style of Ba Gua Zhang.

Tom Bisio, Valerie Ghent & Guest IAI/NYIA Instructors

January 20-21, 2018       64 Ba Gua Dao (Broadsword) Weekend 1
March 3-4, 2108              64 Ba Gua Dao (Broadsword) Weekend 2

Saturdays: 12:30pm-7pm
Sundays: 10am-5pm