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Xing Yi Quan’s Five Fists: Excerpts from “A Detailed Collection of the Xing Yi Quan Skills” by Liu Wen Hua

Liu Wen Hua’s book, A Detailed Collection of Xing Yi Quan Skillls, is a gem. In addition to providing a how-to manual showing posture and form, the text also gives practical descriptions on the internal actions and feelings inherent in the movements. This first excerpt covers the Wu Xing, the Five Elements (or Five Fists) of Xing Yi Quan.

Liu Wen Hua was the son of the famous Xing Yi Boxer Liu Qi Lan. Liu Qi Lan purportedly had Liu Wen Hua practice only Pi Quan – splitting fist – for nine years before teaching him all the other techniques of the style.

The text is accompanied by photos of renowned Xing Yi Master Li Gui Chang performing the Five Fists. Later excerpts will cover the Twelve Animal Forms.

Translation by Huang Guo Qi and Tom Bisio.

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