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Wang Shi Tong Performs the 64 Hands Straight Line Method: Line 2

Wang Shi Tong was a disciple of Ba Gua Zhang Masters Guo Gu Min and Li Zi Ming. In the photos that follow, Wang Shi Tong demonstrates his applications for the second line of the 64 Hands – the straight line methods of Liang Zhen Pu Ba Gua Zhang.

Wong Shi TongStart Position
Wang (left) and his student in the posture of the Old Monk Offering the Alms Bowl

Wong Shi TongGreen Dragon Extends its Claw 
As their hands meet, and the opponent presses forward, Wang yields, changing his feet to move forward while simultaneously trapping the opponent’s hand with his left hand, and executing a curving palm strike to the face with his right hand. The opponent fades backward in response and begins to lift his left hand to protect.

Wong Shi Tong Brush the Sleeve and Strike Continuously 
Wang brushes and covers with his left hand to trap the opponent’s left hand, as he moves forward with left-right half-steps and punches the body with his right hand. The opponent fades back again and covers the punch with his right hand.

Wong Shi Tong Cloud Dragon Offers its Claw
Wang hooks the opponent’s right hand, brushing it aside as he pierces towards the eyes with his right and simultaneously moving forward with left-right half-steps. The opponent moves back and lifts his left arm to stop the piercing strike. (In the photo Wang and his student have reversed their positions so the action can be seen more clearly).

Wong Shi TongMove Away the Clouds to See the Sun
Wang now pierces upward with his left arm, threading it behind his opponent’s lifted arm. Simultaneously, he moves forward with left-right half-steps and attacks the opponent’s body with his right palm. This turns the opponent, off-balancing him. The opponent begins to step to his right to escape the strike and regain his balance.

Wong Shi TongPat the  Chest and Pounce with the Elbow
Wang now steps forward with his right foot, guiding and leading the opponent’s left arm so that it extends forward. Simultaneously, he traps the opponent’s forearm against his body and turns, whipping his inner elbow against the opponent’s elbow in order to lock and break it. The opponent begins to twist away and raises his right arm to wipe away Wang’s right elbow.

Wong Shi TongTurn the Body and Butt with the Elbow
As the opponent presses forcefully and steps backward to escape the lock, Wang blends with his push, executing a tight right kou bu and left bai bu to spin and strike the opponent’s heart with his left elbow. He issues force through a spreading action of the two elbows. The opponent moves back slightly and covers the elbow with his right hand, anticipating a follow-up low strike of the left palm, he also covers low with the left hand.

Wong Shi TongPunch the Ear with Penetrating Strike
Instead of striking low, Wang leads aside the opponent’s right hand by turning slightly and moving forward with left-right half-steps. Simultaneously he punches high to the opponent’s face with his right hand. The opponent retreats slightly and covers with his left hand.

Wong Shi TongHungry Tiger Tears Open the Heart
Wang follows advancing with left-right half-steps as he gathers and spreads the opponent’s arms and quickly pounces on his chest, simultaneously spreading the opponent’s ribs as he issues power through the palm roots, driving them forward to strike the chest on both sides.


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