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Sun Xi Kun on Daoism Part V: Woman’s Seated Meditation Method for Cultivating the Dao

Following Part 1 (Authentic Cultivation of Daoism), Part 2 (True Formula of the Dao Elixir Secret Treasure), Part 3 (The Method of Quiet Sitting) and Part 4 (General Discussion of the Medicine-Collecting Methodwe continue with Sun Xi Kun on Daoism with the General Discussion of the Medicine Collecting Method.  These articles on Daoism are excerpted from The True Transmission of Ba Gua Zhang (八卦拳真传 Ba Gua Zhang Zhen Chuan), by Sun Xi Kun 孙锡 堃

In Kun Gong [1] seated meditation, shut the mouth and hide the tongue, with the tongue touching (propping up) the palate. On the palate, their are two holes. They are called Tian Chi (Mountain Lake) acu-points, which go up to link directly with the brain. Above the brain is the Bai Hui acu-point (DU 20), which is exactly at the top of the head (vertex). This is the “upper leakage”. If the qi leaks upward, it is not possible to extend life.

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