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A Picture Gallery of Filemon (Momoy) Canete In Action

Tom Bisio writes about training in Eskrima in the 70s and 80s with Filemon (Momoy) Canete, one of the late greats of Cebuano Eskrima. Filemon Canete was one of the founders of the famed Doce Pares Club, which taught and influenced several generations of eskrimadors in the Philippines and abroad.

All photos by Tom Bisio.

One Response to A Picture Gallery of Filemon (Momoy) Canete In Action

  1. stephen.lamade


    Thanks for posting these photos. It’s interesting to see how rock-solid Momoy’s footing appears, and how he appears to be so balanced. It’s also interesting to note that his front foot is not pointed exactly forward but angled on a 45 degree like the back leg.

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