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Jiao Guo Rui: Foundational Jing Gong Stationary Qi Gong Exercises

This post is largely excerpted from the book, Les Jeu Des Cinq Animaux (Five Animal Play) by Jiao Guo Rui, De Ye Tao and Hu Yao Zhen, translated by Grégory Mardaga. The book presents three different versions of the Five Animal Play exercises. Some of the drawings and alternative postures are excerpted from Jiao’s English edition book, Qi Gong Essentials for Health Promotion.

Jiao Guo Rui was a student of Hu Yao Zhen. The text below details Jiao Guo Rui’s foundational exercises for Five Animal Play. They are JING GONG (Static Exercises) that prepare the body and compliment the dynamic exercises of the Five Animal Play. Jiao’s discussion covers many important points relating to Jing Gong and Nei Gong in general. Although some of these points are mentioned in Jiao’s book Qi Gong Essentials for Health Promotion, this more detailed discussion can be found in Les Jeu Des Cinq Animaux.

Translation from the French by Tom Bisio

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