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New York Internal Arts (NYIA), founded by Tom Bisio, is a collective of martial arts instructors who teach and research the arts of Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan and Qi Gong.

Ba Gua Zhang classes and seminars are offered in the USA, Canada, Europe. There are too many ongoing classes to list individually. Please search the list below to find an instructor in your area, and contact them directly.

Weekend intensive seminars in Xing Yi, Ba Gua Zhang and Qi Gong are listed on the Martial Arts & Qi Gong Seminars page.

Distance Learning Online programs in Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi Nei Gong make training available to anyone with an internet connection – learn more on the Distance Learning page.

Senior Advisors:

Ba Gua Zhang

Master Gao Ji Wu

Master Gao Ji Wu: Beijing, China

Xing Yi Quan

Master Song Zhi Yong

Master Song Zhi Yong: Taiyuan, China

Chief Instructor & Founder:

New York, NY:

Tom Bisio

Tom Bisio, Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan
Tom’s Bio | Contact

SENIOR INSTRUCTORS – Ba Gua Zhang & Xing Yi Quan:

Valerie Ghent (NYC, NY)  Contact

Nelson Tai (Queens, NY) Contact

Wes Tasker (Boston, MA) Contact



United States

New York

Advanced Level Instructors (NYC)
Aaron Stiles Contact
Thad Wong Contact

New Jersey:
Reginald Haley Contact

Adam Wasserman Contact

Foundational Level Instructors (NYC)
Jonathan Breshin Contact
Chi Chau Contact
Eric Darton Contact
Bill Gallagher Contact
Andy Kriger Contact
Wolfgang Schwalenberg Contact

Brooklyn, NY:
Mark Greenfield Contact
Kelly McDonald Contact

Albany, NY:
Steve Cosimano Contact

Ithica, NY:
Bryan Isacks Contact


Los Angeles: Eric Deutsch Foundational Level Instructor Contact


Great Barrington: JohnPaul Magenis Foundational Level Instructor Contact

Rhode Island

Providence: Keith Norris Foundational Level Instructor
Contact: Rhode Island Ba Gua Zhang


Roanoke: Greg Johnston Foundational Level Instructor Contact


Portland: Joe Wieland Cool Foundational Level Instructor
Contact: Portland Shaolin Center


Toronto: Marc Bégin Advanced Level Instructor Contact

Svilen Pronev  Foundational Level Instructor Contact

Stephane Turbide Foundational Level Instructor Contact


Le Beausset:
Pascal Jauffret
Foundational Level Instructor Contact

Mohammed Saïah
Foundational Level Instructor Contact


Pauliina Turunan
Foundational Level Instructor Contact 

Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program

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