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Xing Yi Rhymed Verses: 鑽拳 Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist)

The “songs” or rhymed verses of Xing Yi Quan give the practitioner insight into the essential internal and external actions of the movements. This post covers three verses pertaining to Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist).

Verse 3

Zuan Quan is attributed to Water and seems like lightning,

The postures change accordingly to generate Bursting (Beng) and overcome Cannon (Pao).

It rises and drills like a file using Yao Li (Waist Power)

For the whole body to be completely integrated, Qi comes first.





Verse 2

Zuan Quan belongs to water, possessing the ability to flow into the smallest space,

Its form is like lightening with its sharp, sudden speed and undetectable purpose.

Its Qi emits from the kidney,

A little force in the muscles nourishes the kidneys.



Discussion of the Rising & Falling of Zuan Quan (鑽拳起落論)“““

Fore-hand yin palm hooks downward,

Rear yang fist drills upward.

Fist issues drilling outward at the level of the brow,

Elbows embrace the heart as rear foot rises.

Eyes watch the front hand and four extremities stop,

Zuan Quan changes form, and the body moves.

Front foot steps first, rear foot follows,

Rear hand yin palm hidden beneath the elbow.

When foot steps down, the three points set,[1]

Front hand yang fist strikes the nose,

Little finger turns upward, elbows protecting heart.

Zuan Quan entering step hits the nose,

Front palm wrist hooks goes downward transversely,

Palms overturn, uphold and strike when advancing.


[1]Three Points Set: hand, nose and foot in a line.


前手陰掌向下扣, 後手陽拳望上攢.

出拳高攢如眉齊, 兩肘抱心後脚起.

眼看前手四稍停, 攢拳換式身法動.

前脚先步後脚隨, 後手陰掌肘下藏.

落步總要三尖對, 前手陽拳打鼻尖.

小指翻上肘護心, 攢拳進步打鼻尖.

前掌扣腕望下橫, 進步掌翻打虎托