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Xing Yi Rhymed Verses: 崩拳 Beng Quan (Bursting Fist)

The “songs” or rhymed verses of Xing Yi Quan give the practitioner insight into the essential internal and external actions of the movements. This post covers three verses pertaining to Beng Quan (Bursting Fist).

Verse 1

The Bursting Fist (Beng) is attributed to wood and penetrates like an arrow,
It generates Cannon (Pao), overcomes Transverse (Heng) and is tightly linked.
For soothing the Liver, brightening the eyes and stores Jin in the Yao,
Jumping forward and treading backward is the key.





Verse 2

Bursting Fist is straight and swift like an arrow,
Its Qi comes from the liver.
A little force in the bones and joints can regulate and relax the liver,
Consequently, Bursting Fist is able to nourish the liver.


Discussion of the Rising & Falling of Beng Quan (崩拳起落論)“““

Beng Quan form starts with Three Points Set,[1]

Tiger’s Eye faces upward as high as the heart.

Hind-hand Yang fist hides beneath the armpit,

The front foot forward and rear foot follows.

Rear foot stable shaped like a “V,”[2]

Beng Quan turns and eyes look straight.

Body stands straight and true as the foot lifts,

Foot lifts, and under the knee toes are transverse.

Hand and foot fall together with scissor legs,

Front foot crosses and rear foot naturally follows.

In Beng Quan striking method tongue tip pushes upward,

Front hand elbow rubs and upthrusts.

Punch the armpit when advancing,

Rear foot is linked and follows closely.

[1]Three Points Set: hand, nose and foot in a line.

[2] The text calls this a “herringbone shape.”


崩拳出式三尖對, 虎眼朝上如心齊.
後手陽拳脇下藏, 前脚要順後脚丁.
後脚穩要人字形, 崩拳翻身望眉齊.
身站正直脚提起, 脚起膝下橫脚趾.
脚手齊落剪子步, 前脚要橫後脚順.
崩拳打法舌尖頂, 前手攞肘望上托.
進步出拳先打脇, 後脚是連緊隨跟.