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Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment

Many styles of Chinese martial arts contain Wooden Dummy exercises, in which blocks and strikes are practiced using a dummy with wooden arms, and Seven Star exercises, in which two practitioners bang forearms together, in striking or blocking actions. This type of training conditions the arms and body to receive impact, while at the same time teaching a variety of attack and defense skills.

In order to train these methods in a realistic manner, and at the same time prevent the micro-trauma that ensues from damaging the body, it is necessary to use a liniment that both protects and heals the arms.

This Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment has been used for centuries by martial arts practitioners, who apply the liniment before and after training. The conditioning liniment protects the arms, so one can engage in hard training without damaging the blood vessels, bones, sinews, and meridians.

Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment

高莨姜       Gao Liang Jiang          12 grams
沒 藥          Mo Yao                        12 grams
乳香           Ru Xiang                     12 grams
延胡索       Yan Hu Suo                 12 grams
天南星       Tian Nan Xing              12 grams
半夏           Ban Xia                        12 grams
川烏           Chuan Wu                   12 grams
草烏           Cao Wu                       12 grams
當歸尾       Dang Gui Wei                9 grams
桃仁           Tao Ren                         9 grams
萊菔子       Lai Fu Zi                         9 grams
薑黃           Jiang Huang                  9 grams
花椒           Hua Jiao                     12 grams
紅花           Hong Hua                   12 grams
續斷           Xu Duan                        9 grams
路路通       Lu Lu Tong                 12 grams
梔子           Zhi Zi                          12 grams

Instructions to make Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment:

Break the herbs up into small pieces and put in a glass jar with 1 gallon of vodka or Chinese Bai Jiu (White Alcohol). The alcohol content should be between 40-60%. Seal the container and store out of the light in a cool, dark place for at least 3 months. Shake the container as often as possible. Pour some of the liquid out into a smaller glass container for regular use and let the rest brew for another few months or even up to two years.


This formula warms the tissues and the meridians, in order to improve local circulation. Herbs like Hong Hua, Lu Lu Tong, Dan Gui Wei, Tao Ren, Mo Yao, Ru Xiang invigorate the blood and dispel blood stasis in order to prevent small clots in the capillaries form creating blockages. Cao Wu and Chaun Wu help to warm the tissue and Yan Hu Suo, Lu Lu Tong, Mo Yao and Ru Xiang help to reduce pain.

Directions for Use:

Take a small amount of the liniment and massage it into the forearms and hands and wrists. Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment should be applied before and after arm conditioning exercise or wooden dummy practice.

External Use Only.


  • Do not use if pregnant.
  • This liniment is not for acute trauma – ie NOT for jammed or smashed fingers, broken fingers, or torn ligaments in the hand. It is a training formula and its purpose is to lessen the likelihood of injury from repetitive use of the hands. Therefore it is preventative. If you have had an acute traumatic injury to the hand, see a physician and follow up with traditional Chinese medical treatments if appropriate. These may include the use of liniments and poultices that are specifically for trauma.
  • Do not use in areas with mucous membranes, skin rashes, open cuts, or sores.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before eating with your hands or touching mucus membranes.

Where to Purchase:

Wooden Dummy Arm Conditioning Liniment

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