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The Impact of Internal Arts on Clinical Practice by Kathy Taromina

The Impact of Internal Arts on Clinical Practice

I entered my 20th year of clinical practice in 2018 and I have been reflecting on the journey.  I have considered what I would say to myself as I began what would become a lifelong study.  When I put all my experiences together, it is my training in the internal arts that stands out as having had the most significant impact on my clinical practice.  Since this is not what I would have expected all those years ago, I wanted to share my experience.

My first introduction to qi gong was as an acupuncture student.  I didn’t think much of it at the time.  I practiced for my class, but then let it drop.  I picked it up again after I graduated when I started to learn tui na with Tom Bisio and Frank Butler in their Zheng Gu Tui Na series.  An important component of that series was learning nei gong/qi gong exercises that promote sinew strength and proper body mechanics.  I went through spurts of practicing qi gong regularly, and certainly felt benefit from it when I did.  But since I didn’t think of it beyond something that would improve my tui na skills, I never took it any further.

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