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Short Video Clips from the IAI Ba Gua /Xing Yi Summer Intensive (08/13/22)

More than  20 students and instructors came together in Stamford, Connecticut, for the  IAI Ba Gua /Xing Yi Summer Intensive on August 13th and 14th. Everyone trained hard for 8 hours each day. People came from as far away as Portland, Oklahoma  and Utah.

In Xing Yi we covered the Xing Yi Tu Na Si Ba breathing exercises, San Ti Shi, and Pi Quan (Splitting Fist) as well as the Five Element Fists, and the Xing Yi Dragon Form. Ba Gua Instructors practiced Li Zi Ming’s Changing Palm, then everyone partnered up for push hands practice and countless applications of the Single Palm Change.

It was such a great experience that we hope to organize the next seminar very soon – In fact we already have – check out the Xing Yi Seminar in NYC on October 2, 2022

Below are two short video clips from the seminar.