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Regulatory Tui Na Treatment for Children Under Age Six

Pediatric medicine in China follows a few basic principles, based on children’s constitutions.

  • The digestion is weak so it is easy for food to become stagnant. Improper diet can easily affect their health.
  • Because children are very yang they get fevers easily and their spirit is not stable – it is easily disturbed.
  • They are susceptible to disease which can transform rapidly.
  • They can recover quickly from disease because their visceral Qi is clear relative to the visceral Qi of adults.
  • Their Essence and Qi are not yet developed so they do not have reserves of Jing (Essence) to draw on – so they easily become hungry and full and can easily have their spleen and digestion damaged.

The complete protocol involves five steps, that address the issues listed above. Each step has one or more manipulations. It is best no to do too much and to do what the child can tolerate. It may not be possible to do all the manipulations or to do as many repetitions of each manipulation as are suggested by the instructions. As long as you do at least one of the manipulations under each step, as many times as you can (as many times as the child tolerates), the treatment will be effective.

Three times a week is sufficient. If child has a strong constitution even one time a week is sufficient. Discontinue if child gets sick. In the instance of illness the protocol needs to be changed to address the illness.

Do not over-treat! Children, unlike adults only need a little guidance, a “small push”, to restore them to balance

Step 1: Calming the Spirit (Shen)

This step dispels pathogenic wind, relieves headache and calms the Heart-Shen and nervous system.

  1. Opening the Heavenly Door (Tian Men)

Push upward alternately with the thumbs from between the eyebrows to the hairline. 30-50 times.

For a stronger effect push from between the eyebrows to a point midway between Baihui (DU 20 – on the top of the head in the center of a line connecting the tips of the two ears) This is called “Opening the Large Heavenly Door.”In the picture below the operator’s right forefinger is on Baihui.

  1. Calming the Shen

Wipe outward with the thumbs from between the eyebrows to the temples 30- 50 times.

  1. Relieveing Tension and Restlessness, and Dispelling Wind

Hold the child’s head with both hands and use the thumbs to knead just behind the mastoid process. This dispels wind and relieves restlessness.

Step 2: Aid Digestion and Regulate the Spleen and Stomach

**When massaging the wrist or palm, massage only the left wrist or palm for boys and the right wrist or palm for girls.

  1. Regulate Blood circulation and Harmonize the Internal Organs

Push clockwise around the palm center, starting from the base of theindex finger.


  1. Regulate Yin and Yang & Harmonize the Internal Organs

On the palmar side wrist crease push outward from the center of the wrist crease to the edges of the forearm with the thumbs, 50 times.


  1. Build up the Spleen and Harmonize the Stomach

On the palm side of the child’s hand, flex the the child’s thumb use your thumb to massage base of the of the child’s thumb downward and inward (in direction of center of palm) 50-100 times.

  1. Regulate the Stomach – Prevent Food Stagnation

Use the right, middle and index fingers to knead the Zhongwan acu-point (which lies midway between the navel and sternum) clockwise 30 times. 

  1. Push Acu-point Zusanli (ST 36) – Regulates Digestion

Massage the point about 3 fingers width down from the knee cap just outside the edge of the shin in the hollow between the muscles there 50 times.

Step 3: Knead Dantian – Regulates Qi

With your palm massage just below the navel 50 times.

Step 4: Regulate Lung Qi

  1. Open Chest and Regulate Lungs

Push outward with the thumbs from the center of the sternum (Between nipples) to the sides of the chest 30 times.

  1. Regulate and Strenghten the Lungs

On the child’s back use your thumbs to push the skin downward along the borders of both scaulae. 30 times

Step 5: Regulate Yin and Yang, Qi and Blood and Meridians

Use the pads of the indes and middle fingers to push the skin from the bump at the base of the neck down the spine to the sacrum. 30 times.