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Rare Footage: Five Animal Crawling Gong

Rare footage of Master Han Shu-Suo (韩书锁) performing the “Five Animal Crawling Body Strengthening Method” (Wu Shou Pa Xing Jian Shen Fa). Master Han is one of the foremost experts of this unique and rare health preservation and body strengthening method that imitates the walking methods of the tiger, elephant, bear, ape and crocodile.

At the time this was filmed (in 2012), Master Han was 77 years young.

Our thanks to Master Gao Ji Wu for inviting Master Han to our NYIA training session in Beijing, and with deep appreciation and gratitude to both Master Gao and Master Han, for their generosity in letting us film and present this rare practice.

One Response to Rare Footage: Five Animal Crawling Gong

  1. Charles

    Very interesting exercises! Are there any teachers in the US who teach them, or are there any books or DVD’s that teach them?

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