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Ma Dan Yang Acupuncture: The 12 Miraculous Points – Part 6

Ma Dan Yang was a practitioner of Daoism in the 12th century. As a young man he developed great skill in acupuncture and moxibustion (Zhen Jiu 针灸). He left behind an ode to 12 miraculous acu-points, today known as Man Dan Yang Acupuncture. If you want to learn a few acupuncture points that produce consistent results in treating a variety of illnesses, learn these!

This article presents Ma Dan-Yang’s ode to the sixth acu-point, Chengshan (BL 57).

承山 Chengshan “Mountain Support” BL-57

[Located] in the space between the muscles of the calf. Cures waist/back (yao) pain, hemorrhoids, and difficult bowel movement. Zhao Qi (“Leg Qi”), swollen knee, tremor, pain and repeated or continuous tremors or aches, cholera and sudden turmoil. [1] A needle in this point brings relief.


Notes: This is an acu-point with specific effect for Leg Qi or Sudden Turmoil due to cholera.

Chengshan “Mountain Support” BL-57

  • Good to treat low back ache and pain
  • Hemorrhoids or difficult defecation
  • Leg qi and knee swelling (can be associated with Beri-Beri)
  • Tremors and aches
  • Sudden cramping


  • Treats Hemorrhoids
  • Benefits Calf and Heel
  • Relaxes Sinews, Activates Channel, Alleviates Pain

Other Modern Indications:

  • Difficult Defecation
  • Sensation of Heat in Sole of Foot with Inability to Stand for Long Periods of Time
  • Pain and Contraction of Calf
Wei Zhong
Wei Zhong


Chengshan is located on the posterior midline of the leg, between Weizhong (BL 40) and Kunlun (BL 60), in a pointed depression formed below the belly of the gastrocnemius muscle belly when the leg is stretched or the heel is lifted. It is roughly midway between BL 40 and BL 60.

[1] “Sudden Turmoil” refers to simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea.