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Ma Dan Yang Acupuncture: The 12 Miraculous Points – Part 5

Ma Dan Yang was a practitioner of Daoism in the 12th century. As a young man he developed great skill in acupuncture and moxibustion (Zhen Jiu 针灸). He left behind an ode to 12 miraculous acu-points, today known as Ma Dan Yang Acupuncture. If you want to learn a few acupuncture points that produce consistent results in treating a variety of illnesses, learn these! This article presents Ma Dan Yang’s ode to the fifth acu-point, Weizhong (BL 40) .

委中 Weizhong “Middle Bend” BL-40

Weizhong is located in the center of the transverse crease of the flexed knee, between the veins. For Yao (Lumbus) pain, inability to raise up and a deep, heavy pulling sensation in the spine. Sore, aching sinews which do not extend. Wind-Bi which returns irregularly, difficulty in bending and extending the knee. When the needle enters, there is relief. 委中曲(瞅)里。横纹脉中央。腰痛不能举。沉沉引脊梁。 酸痛筋莫展。风痹复无常。膝头难伸屈。针入即安康。 Notes:   The Weizhong (BL 40) acu-point especially cures  Yao (lumbar/waist), back, leg and knee problems. 承注:委中一穴,专治腰背腿膝之疾。

Weizhong “Middle Bend” BL-40

  • Low back pain and inability to lift or straighten (bleed)
  • Ache and pain of the sinews and joints
  • Wind-Bi (rheumatic type pains which comes and goes)
  • Difficult to stretch and bend knee


  • Benefits the Lumbar Area and Knees
  • Activates the Channel – Alleviates Pain
  • Cools the Blood
  • Clears Summer Heat; Stops Bleeding & Diarrhea
  • Benefits the Bladder

Other Modern Indications:

  • Skin Conditions, Eczema, Toxins etc
  • Distension or Pain in the Bladder;
  • Difficult , Dark Urination
  • Hemorrhoids (w/ BL57) – can bleed
  • Pain Along the Channel
  • Ceaseless Nosebleed
  • Knee Pain
  • Axillary Swelling; Pain in back of Shoulder or Scapula
Wei Zhong
Wei Zhong

  Wei Zhong is located in the center of the transverse crease behind the knee when it is flexed.