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How to Treat a Black Eye with Gong Fu Sports Medicine

This video documents an actual treatment of a severe double black eye using Chinese herbs and a hard-boiled egg. This is a traditional Gong Fu Sports Medicine treatment of a black eye which disperses stagnant blood from the small blood vessels in and around the eye. Injuries of this kind that go untreated are thought to lead to vision problems that may only manifest years later due to obstruction of the micro-circulation that nourishes the retina and optic nerves.
The video details the herbal formula and demonstrates herbal preparation and treatment. The herbal formula and instructions are also written below:


15 grams Sheng Di Huang
15 grams Gou Qi Zi
15 grams Bai Ji Li
15 grams Ju Hua
15 grams Hong Hua

and 1 hard-boiled egg – shelled


1. Put the herbs for in 6-8 cups of  water and bring to boil.

2. Turn down the flame & simmer  for 45 minutes.

3. Strain out the liquid into a  container. Save the liquid and discard the herbs

4. Wrap an egg in soft gauze so that  you have a gauze “handle” with  which to manipulate the egg.

4. Dip the egg in the water so that  the gauze and egg soak in the liquid.

5. Make sure the egg is not to hot &  massage around the eye socket. Keep dipping the egg in the mixture  and massaging the eye for several

The egg neatly fits in the eye socket  and the combination of herbs and  massage disperses the stagnant  blood around the eyes