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Gathering the Moon Cream Qi Gong

In China the Mid-Autumn Festival takes place with the arrival of the full moon between mid-September and early October. This full moon is known as the Western Harvest Moon, which this year (2020) falls on October 1st , during the Autumnal Equinox Seasonal Node.

With the arrival of the Western Harvest Moon we have the opportunity to balance the body by powerfully nourishing Yin Qi through practicing Gathering the Moon Cream Qi Gong. This Qi Gong exercise is particularly useful if your body has deficient Yin energy. Symptoms of deficient Yin energy often include: red eyes, fast pulse, dry skin, cough, constipation, restless sleep, anger, and anxiety.

To Practice Gathering the Moon Cream Qi Gong:

During the full moon, stand in the moonlight facing the moon with your feet hip-width apart. Stand and look at the moon for several minutes, bathing your body in the moonlight. Then inhale, and raise your arms up above your shoulders as though embracing the moon. Imagine you are holding the moon in your hands.

Exhale, and continue to hold the moon in your hands as you move your arms downward, until the hands are level with the lower abdomen. As you exhale and bring your arms downward “see” and “feel” the moonlight passing through your head, chest and into your lower abdomen. “See” and “feel” the moonlight (“moon cream”) entering every part of the head, chest, abdomen and the entire body with calm, cool, Yin Qi.

Repeat these movements for 10 minutes, each time gathering the Yin of the moon into your body. Let the movements be relaxed, smooth and without tension.

Close the exercise by bringing your hands one on top of the other to gently press Dantian (the area below the navel), and imagine storing the “moon cream” inside the lower abdomen.

Afterwards walk around for several minutes to let the body relax and absorb the benefits of the exercise.