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Gathering Sun Essence Qi Gong

In the Spring, during the Waking Insects (March 5-7 to March 20-21) and Spring Equinox Seasonal Nodes (March 20-21 to April 4-6), the Yang energy in the natural world around us gains in strength and moves outward. At this time our own internal Yang Qi responds and also moves outward, acquiring power and momentum.

This time of the year is associated with the Yi Jing Hexagram, Da Zhuang (Great Strength). In Da Zhuang, the four yang solid lines at the bottom are moving upward with power and force, representing living things growing and reaching outward to begin new life and activity after winter.

However, if our Yang Qi is depleted, we may feel cold, tired and lethargic. We may have a low libido, depression, or a lack of engagement with the life forces stirring around us. Whether or not you experience this lack of Yang, March going into early April provides us opportune time to take advantage of the tide of rising Yang that is occurring in the natural World, by activating and nourishing Yang Qi through the practice of Gathering Sun Essence Qi Gong.

How to Perform Gathering Sun Essence Qi Gong

At sunrise, stand in an open, quiet place facing the sun. Look in the direction of the sun as you stand, quietly absorbing the sun’s warmth and light into your entire body. Half-close your eyes and do not look directly into sun. Breathing softly and evenly, stretch your hands outward and imagine you are holding the sun in your hands. Feel as though you pick the sun from the sky and bring it downward, in front of your Dan Tian (the area below the navel). Hold the sun there and feel it rotating between your hands as its warmth penetrates into your lower abdomen. Your hands and body may gently and subtly move with this rotation.

Stay relaxed and natural as you continue to hold the rotating sun, letting its warmth and light penetrate and gather in Dan Tian. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes. Finish by drawing the sun inward and into the body by bringing your palms, one atop the other, to rest on the lower abdomen. Imagine the warmth and light being stored in the lower abdomen. Hold this position, feeling the warmth and light that has gathered inside you, for a minute or more.

This exercise can be performed on any sunny morning during the Waking Insects and Spring Equinox Seasonal Nodes.

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