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From the Archives: Ba Gua Zhang 12 Standing Postures

In the last few months we have received several requests for information on the 12 Standing Postures of Ba Gua Zhang. We looked through our archives and found two posts on the 12 Standing Postures: 1) a video with Tom Bisio and 2) an extensive article about how the 12 Standing Postures open the meridians.

The Twelve Standing Postures of Ba Gua Zhang are a method of dynamic stance training which strengthens the entire body and stabilizes the joints.

These twelve postures open and close the cavities which enclose the internal organs and stimulate the meridians associated with each organ.

Each posture fully engages with spiral power configurations (wrapping, twisting drilling and coiling) that run through the body and produce integrated whole body power.

When linked together, the Twelve Standing Postures of Ba Gua Zhang have many martial implications.

Video Demonstrating the 12 Standing Postures

Article on How the the Twelve Postures Open the Meridians