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Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster

The Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster is a very effective pre-prepared stick-on plaster (Gao) that can be used for a wide variety of injuries, including fractures, bruises, pulled muscles, sprains and other soft tissue injuries.

Cheezheng Pain Relieving Plaster 奇正消痛贴膏


The name in Chinese, Qi Zheng Xiao Tong Tie Gao, literally means “Marvelous Correcting and Pain Vanishing Sticking Ointment.” I frequently use this plaster for broken ribs to reduce pain and stasis, which accelerates the healing process. Cheezheng Plasters are also very useful for shoulder or back injuries characterized by pain, heat and swelling. These areas can difficult to wrap with traditional Gao.


Cheezheng Plasters contain two sets of herbal ingredients. One set of herbs is in liquid form, in the enclosed small plastic package. The other set of herbs is under the gauze pad in the center of the plaster. To use, follow these instructions:




Unfortunately many Chinese pre-prepared medicinals contain only a partial list of ingredients. The Cheezheng plasters are no exception to this. Below is the partial list of ingredients given by the manufacturer. Some of the “secret” Tibetan Herbal ingredients are not listed.

  1. 薑黃 Jiang Huang (Rhizoma Curcumae Longae: Turmeric)
  2. 紅花 Hong Hua (Flos Carthami: Safflower)
  3. 花椒 Hua Jiao (Pericarpium Zanthoxyli: Pricklyash Peel)
  4. 水牛角 Shui Niu Jiao (Cornu Bubali: Buffalo Horn)
  5. 水柏枝 Shui Bai Zhi (Cacumen Myricariae Germanicae: Germany Flasetamarisk, Twig of Germany Falsetamarisk)
  6. 棘豆Ji Dou (Radix Oxytrois leptophylla: Root of Thinleaf Crazyweed)

Cautions & Contraindications:

  • Do not put over skin rashes.
  • Do not put over skin lesions, cuts or lacerations.
  • If the plaster causes excessive itching remove immediately and wash the area.
  • Do not use the plaster continuously. Give the skin time to breathe in between applications – for example using it every other day.
  • Should not be applied to the lower abdomen or lower back of pregnant women.