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Back In the Day: Eric Knauss Founder of the Dog Brothers

We recently found this post on the internet by Eric Knauss, Founder of the Dog Brothers, which mentions some of the training in Filipino Martial arts that IAI founder Tom Bisio and Eric Knauss did back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Eric Knaus – History of the Dog Brothers

Top Dog here, for this once delurking to set the record straight concerning the claim, which pops up from time to time, that Pekiti Tirsia fighting in the 1970′s was the same as Dog Brothers fighting today. To state matters gently, this claim is an overstatement. Perhaps a bit of history is in order. Be warned! In order to work in some names I feel deserve recognition, I may be pretty lengthy.

Most of the fighting done in PT from 1976 through ‘ 81 on the east coast was done with Tuhon Leo Gaje in Jamaica, Queens in an alley behind the building that Leo lived in at the time. Tom Bisio and I would take the subway there and train all day Saturday and then return for more of the same on Sunday. Our fights at that time were with the heavy Kendo masks which were all that we had available at the time, and what I would consider LIGHT rattan sticks.

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Eric Knauss and Tom Bisio, NYC, 2013

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