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This Unique set of DVD’s is available from Plum Publications

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 1: Ding Shi

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 1: Ding Shi

This DVD covers Ding Shi (Fixed Posture) Ba Gua and Applications. The practice of Ding Shi combined with the “mud wading step” provide the key foundation for maintaining structure while locking and throwing. Together, they also function as Ba Gua’s primary neigong method, storing qi in the dantian and actualizing the spiraling of energy throughout the body. In this DVD, Tom clearly demonstrates the Ding Shi postures, explains the use of the mud wading step and presents numerous applications.

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 2: Lao Ba Zhang & Linear Applications

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 2: Lao Ba Zhang & Linear<br /> <h4>Applications

The “Old Eight Palms” (Lao Ba Zhang) combine Ba Gua’s circular walking with constant changes of posture and position while striking, throwing and locking. Tom demonstrates the Lao Ba Zhang form along with applications for each of the palm changes. Emphasis is placed on correct use of body mechanics and the energies of winding, wrapping, drilling, twisting, and overturning. Tom also presents the Eight Linear Movements (Ba Zhang) which have numerous practical applications in striking, bridging, defense, counterattack and throwing. Each of these movements corresponds to one of the Old Eight Palms and is therefore a linear expression of the corresponding Lao Ba Zhang palm.

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 3: Swimming Body Ba Gua Chain Linking Form

Ba Gua Concepts Vol. 3: Swimming Body Ba Gua Chain Linking Form

In this DVD, Tom teaches the Ba Gua Linking Form (You Shen Ba Gua Lian Huan). Ba Gua Lian Huan is an advanced form that combines the dynamics of the linear movements with Lao Ba Zhang to create a continuous unbroken sequence emphasizing awareness of the eight directions and the “swimming dragon” body dynamics that are unique to Ba Gua.  Ba Gua Lian Huan seamlessly combines striking, kicking, locking, and throwing while constantly moving and changing. Tom teaches this form along with numerous applications exactly as he learned it from Master Gao Ji Wu. Ba Gua Lian Huan is also presented in the book, The Essentials of Ba Gua Zhang by Gao Ji Wu and Tom Bisio.

DVD REVIEW: by Vincent Giordano

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