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About Dr. Vincent Black

I first met Vince Black in 1983 at a week long instructor training camp in Filipino martial arts (Pekiti-Tirsia) run by Leo T. Gaje. I was assisting Tuhon Gaje and Vince was attending the camp. I did not really interact with Vince until the last day and night when I found out that he taught Xing Yi Quan. I had seen him doing bone-setting on a few participants and overheard him talking about Chinese medicine which also piqued my interest. The final night of the camp I talked with him until four in the morning about Chinese medicine and the Chinese Internal arts while he effortlessly threw me all over the hotel room.

From that moment on I began to study with him, mostly long distance, although there were times when I spent as long as six weeks with him. Vince was instrumental in developing my abilities in Xing Yi and Bagua. Vince was one of the finest all-around martial artists I had ever seen. His ability to see something once and duplicate it with power and precision never ceased to amaze me. From Vince I learned not only the forms and training methods of the Xing Yi and Ba Gua, but also how to look at forms and movements and decipher how they might be applied in a self-defense situation or against different types of fighters.

Vince is also that rare instructor who combines high level martial arts skills with first-rate traditional medicine skills. Vince studied with Xu Hong Ji (Hsu Hong Chi), himself a top student of Hong Yi Xiang (Hung I-Hsiang) in Taiwan. From Master Xu. Vince learned not only Xing Yi, but also Chinese medicine skills. Vince taught me tui na and bone-setting as well as the basics of acupuncture, herbology, and trauma medicine. Vince has a deep understanding of the connection between the internal martial arts and Chinese medicine and his teaching reflects that connection.

Through Vince I was introduced to various teachers of Liang Zhen Pu Ba Gua in Beijing and Li Gui Chang’s Xing Yi in Shanxi province, and was given the opportunity to work with Liu Wan Fu and the disciples of Liu Feng Zai who practice Gao Yi Sheng’s Ba Gua in Tianjin. Vince also taught me old-style Kajukenbo, the Hawaiian self-defense art and because of him I had the opportunity to study with Adriano Emperado the founder of Kajukenbo.

Vince Black and North American Tang Shou Tao (NATSTA) today continue to promote the Chinese martial arts and traditional medicine.

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