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Ba Gua Zhang Classes

New York Internal Arts (NYIA) offers weekly Ba Gua Zhang classes:

Hundreds of students have discovered
the benefits of Ba Gua Zhang.

Ba Gua Zhang has a unique approach to teaching the body how to move correctly with power and harmony – improving health, teaching self-defense skills and providing a moving meditation practice. 

No requirements or previous knowledge needed for beginning level classes.


Ba Gua Zhang Classes – Morning (NYC)

Tuesday mornings 7:00-9:00 am  – Advanced Class. Instructor: Tom Bisio

at New York Insight Meditation
(28 W. 27th Street, 10th Floor – between Broadway & 6th Avenue)

Thursday mornings 6:30-9:00 am  – Beginning Class. Instructor: Tom Bisio

in Hudson River Park, contact for location

  • Observing a class first is strongly recommended. It is useful to observe both the Beginning class (Thursday) and Advanced class (Tuesday) for an overview of how training changes over time. Please contact us to schedule an observation time.
  • Advanced Class is limited to students who have completed the Beginning Class curriculum.
  • There are no trial classes, except during the period in which we are taking on new students.

If you are interested in beginning training, or would like to schedule an observation, please contact us.

Ba Gua Zhang Classes – Evening (NYC)

Moving Body Resources
(112 West 27th Street, Ste 400)

Mondays 6pm- 9pm – Beginning Class in 3 month cycles.

Instructor: Thad Wong (contact Thad for class details)

Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning

In 2014 NYIA Founder Tom Bisio launched Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning with the Foundational Level of training Liang Style Ba Gua Zhang. Includes over 100 videos and hundreds of pages of written materials to assist you in your training, Ba Gua students and practioners have called this “the best Ba Gua Zhang program available today”.

Ba Gua Zhang Classes – Weekend (NYC)

Sunday Ft. Tryon Park, Hudson Heights, NYC

Classes held at recessed volleyball courts behind & below 190th street (A) train station, just off Ft. Washington Ave. Practice area is level, quiet, has a good breeze, is well shaded – perfect for exercising outside.

Ba Gua Zhang: 8:30-9am Individual Practice Session // 9:00-10am Group Class

Tai Ji Quan and Qi Cultivation: 10-11am Group Class

Instructor: Aaron Stiles (contact Aaron for class details)


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