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January 2015: New Beginning Level Ba Gua Zhang Class in NYC

Starting January 8th, 2015 we will be accepting new Ba Gua Zhang students into the Thursday morning class. Classes meet every Thursday from 7-8:30am, with a half hour open practice session from 8:30-9 am

Location: New York Insight Center – 28 W. 27th Street, 10th Floor (between Broadway & 6th Avenue).

Ba Gua.Push Mountain

We generally allow a 5-6 week period, during which new students can enter the class and then close the class to incoming students for 9 months or so – that way we can move through the material smoothly. Once one has learned and practiced the Foundational Level material for 9-12 months, it is possible to also take the more advanced class on Tuesdays.

The cost of the morning class is $80 per month, due at the beginning of the month. Payment is by cash or check.

If you are interested in the class, please try and attend the first class on January 8th.

Attire: Wear loose clothing and a lightweight thin-soled shoe that is designated for indoor training only. In Chinese martial arts people wear shoes because some of the techniques are based on having a foot that is integrated by the structure of a thin shoe. The following shoes are not recommended:

    1. rope-soled “kung fu” shoes
    2. five-toed “barefoot shoes
    3. running shoes with cushioning

Students are required:

    1. to arrive on time
    2. to keep a training notebook
    3. to wear proper attire
    4. to be respectful and attentive in class
    5. to read and study the student handbook which will be given out during the first month of class
    6. to purchase and study the appropriate workbooks

Questions: Contact Tom Bisio: moc.oisibmotnull@mot

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