Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program

Real training in Ba Gua Zhang as it is taught in China today

The perfect balance of theory and practice presented through written material, and video. This opportunity gives one the ability to grasp the essence of Ba Gua Zhang without a teacher present.

We supply the knowledge and methodology and you put in the hard work. I learned Ba Gua long distance - through numerous trips to China combined with lots of practice at home.

You can learn that way too.

I've been studying bagua for over a decade from various teachers and I wanted to let you know that your Distance Learning Program is the most comprehensive, in-depth and, most importantly, easily understandable, bagua teaching that I have ever come across. You are a master teacher with that rare combination of having top-notch skills AND the ability to effectively teach those skills to others.

Jonathan, Ithaca, NY

The Foundational Level Includes

The material included in Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program

  • The perfect balance

    The perfect balance  of theory and practice, written materials, video materials and interactive webinars.

  • 5 complete workbooks

    5 complete workbooks on the foundational practice methods.

  • More than 80 streaming videos

    More than 80 streaming videos over the web and/or through the Gumroad app. On your phone or tablet, watch all the videos through Gumroad’s free app (available on both IOS & Android).

  • Bonus Information

    Additional Bonus Information will be offered once the course is launched!

  • Student handbook

    The student handbook outlining the entire Ba Gua system.

  • Health and self-defense skills

    Development of both health and self-defense skills.

  • Discounts on workshops

    We will provide different discounts for the coming seminars in the US & Europe.

  • Regular updates

    Regular updates and access to more  exclusive content.

Gao Ji Wu

Zhao Da Yuan

Wong Shi Tong

Zhang Hua Sen

Foundational Level Curriculum

The lessons included in Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program

  • Ba Gua Yin Yang Meridian Patting Nei Gong

    The stating point for learning Ba Gua Zhang. An important precursor to more advanced energetic and martial practices.

  • The Six Qi Cultivation Exercises

    Develop power and sensitivity through these subtle, yet profound internal exercises.

  • Ba Gua’s 12 Standing Postures

    The 12 standing postures  are critical to developing “Sinew Strength” and the strong foundation  necessary for true achievement in Ba Gua Zhang.

  • Foundational Partner Exercises

    Partner drills that  develop power, distancing and timing.

  • Applications of Circle Walking Nei Gong

    Self-defense applications based on body alignment, internal transformation  and footwork.Lead the opponent into emptiness and seize their root.

  • Dao Yin Exercises

    A simple yet powerful daily routine that regulates the body’s Qi Dynamic, thereby promoting health and longevity.

  • Basic Zhan Zhuang (Post Standing)

    This form of “Standing Meditation”  is the key to integrating the body and developing “whole body power.”

  • The 28 Foundational Exercises (Ji Ben Gong)

    The  fundamental  building blocks of the art.  Each exercise has a specific purpose that operates  on a physical, energetic and martial level.

  • Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong

    A profound practice that is the foundation of Ba Gua’s unique footwork and the basis of Ba Gua Zhang as a martial art.

  • Suprise add-on to the program

    Surprise add-ons are extra materials that help explicate various facets of the Program –  PDF’s, audio recordings, Q & A applications.

The Foundational Level of the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang
Distance Learning Program  is LIVE!

Real training in Ba Gua Zhang as it is taught in China today!

Complete Program Total $497

  • Access to more than 80 videos (online streaming - web access required)
  • 5 Complete Books (PDF)
  • Student Handbook (PDF)
  • 5 additional PDFs including Ba Gua's 12 Standing Postures & the Meridians
  • Participation in Q&A with Tom Bisio: Receive Video Answers & Feedback
  • Discounts of 15% on Live Seminars
  • Bonus Written and Video Material (later this year)
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Complet Program

Standard Program Total $395

  • Access to more than 80 videos (online streaming - web access required)
  • 5 Complete Books (PDF)
  • Student Handbook (PDF)
  • 5 additional PDFs including Ba Gua's 12 Standing Postures & the Meridians
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Standard Program


  • q-iconHow is the Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program delivered?

    When you sign up, you will receive a detailed welcome letter with training guidelines, six complete books in PDF format, online access to more than 80 videos More infos

  • q-iconWhat Style of Ba Gua do you Teach?

    Essentially we teach Liang Zhen Pu Ba Gua Zhang, or “Liang Style” Ba Gua Zhang. NYIA founder Tom Bisio first studied with Vince Black … More Infos

Meet The Author

I'm Tom Bisio, the author of Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program. In designing this program I have drawn on my experiences of teaching martial arts for the last 35 years, and 25 years experience as a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. In the course of learning Ba Gua Zhang and preparing the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Distance Learning Program, I made numerous trips to China to study with masters of the internal arts and Chinese medicine, and wrote a number of books on internal martial arts. The knowledge and insights gained during those trips, as well as my experiences teaching martial arts and Chinese medicine in the United States and abroad have influenced this program which I am excited to offer you.

You can send us an email anytime. We are here to help :).

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