Online Learning Programs with Tom Bisio

Internal Martial Arts, Nei Gong & Chinese Medicine

Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning Program: Foundational Level

Learn the real Art of Ba Gua Zhang through this organized and systematic training program, designed to enable you to build a strong foundation in Ba Gua Zhang by mastering the essential internal exercises and training methods that form the basis of the this unique art. You ill be given in depth instruction in  Ba Gua Circle Walking Nei Gong, a profound practice rooted in Daoist meditation traditions that strengthens and energizes the body, unblocks the meridians and calms and harmonizes mind and spirit, while teaching unique self-defense skills.

In Ba Gua Zhang, each exercise and movement has a specific purpose that operates on a physical, energetic and martial level. Through a balanced blend written material and video, the Authentic Ba Gua Zhang Online Learning program explains these interconnections in detail, giving you the ability to grasp the essence of Ba Gua Zhang without a teacher present.  With more than 800 pages of written material and over 80 videos, we supply the knowledge and methodology and you put in the hard work. Taught by Tom Bisio and Internal Arts International Instructors.

Authentic Ba Gua Online Learning Program: Intermediate Level – Core Patterns and Movements

The Core Patterns and Movements taught in Intermediate Level of the Ba Gua Online Learning Program pick up where the Foundational Level left off, taking you deeper into the art of Ba Gua Zhang with advanced Nei Gong practices like the Tian Gan “Heavenly Stem” Exercises and the rare Marrow Washing Nei Gong. The Intermediate Level focuses on the  Eight Basic Palm Changes (The "Old Eight Palm") , the "heart" of Ba Gua Zhang, detailing their myriad applications for Health and  Self-Defense.  The Intermediate Level also explores  Qin Na, throwing techniques and the Ba Gua Eight Elbow form, as well as partner exercises, and foundational training in the Ba Gua saber and staff.

If you have studied Ba Gua Zhang before and want to take your skills to the next level, this course is for you! Learn at home with more than 120 videos, over 500 pages of written material, as well as 3 audio tracks to guide you through the Nei Gong practices. Taught by Tom Bisio and Internal Arts International Instructors.

Xing Yi Nei Gong

Xing Yi Nei Gong was created by Wang Ji Wu (1891- 1991). Wang Ji Wu attained a high level of skill in both martial arts and the practice of Chinese medicine. Like many martial arts teachers of his time, Wang was trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Combining his martial and medical skills, Wang put together a set of 16 exercises that efficiently build and preserve health, develop strength and power for martial arts and sports, and can also be employed as rehabilitative exercise after illness or injury.

Xing Yi Nei Gong offers a daily health regime suitable for almost anyone. Practiced regularly, Xing Yi Nei Gong will improve your health, increase flexibility, and help you to develop resilience and refined inner strength. Featuring 20 videos and 100 pages of written material, this course clearly explains the correct performance and purpose of each exercise.

A must for Xing Yi practitioners and highly recommended for practitioners of traditional Chinese Medicine and other health professionals. Taught by Tom Bisio.

Song Zhi Yong Tu Na Si Ba Videos

Free Online Demonstration!

Tu Na Si Ba: the “Secret” Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan

In this series of four videos Xing Yi Master Song Zhi Yong demonstrates the four Tu Na (Breath Regulation) Exercises) that are an essential part of the internal practice of Shanxi Xing Yi Quan, as passed down by Master Li Gui Chang. These exercises are meant to accompany the Book: Xing Yi Quan Tu Na Si Ba: the “Secret” Breathing Methods of Xing Yi Quan by Master Song Zhi Yong with Tom Bisio.

Tu Na Si Ba is critical to understanding and developing skill in the core practices of Xing Yi Quan, including San Ti Shi and the Five Fists (Wu Xing). Tu Na Si Ba was traditionally taught only to senior disciples. It is rarely demonstrated and has never before been written about in English or Chinese. In this online learning aid, Master Song Zhi Yong demonstrates the exercises so that students can follow along. Detailed explanation of the four Tu Na exercises is provided in the accompanying book.