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Beyond the Battleground now in Czech!

Beyond the Batttleground: Classic Strategies from the Yijing and Baguazhang for Managing Crises Situations is now available in Czech from Management Press in Praha (Prague) under the tile: Vnitřní Síla (Inner Power).

Here is what reviewers in the Czech Republic are saying about the book:

“The cult book of all supporters of Chinese martial arts. The book is not easy. It is by no means intended for those who are looking for quick and easy recipes for health, success and enduring happiness. The author, Tom Bisio, is known by all who are deeply engaged in Chinese philosophy, martial arts, and Chinese medicine.  It belongs to those rare people from the West, who are not cheap in the popularity of Chinese exercises or Chinese medicine. His work is honest, deep and grounded. It is basically compulsory reading for those who really care about China, its spiritual traditions, exercises, martial arts, or medicine. But not just for them – the Inner Power book offers answers to a lot of problems that we all solve. After all, Chinese strategists have struggled with  the question of how to achieve success in the seemingly chaotic world, for centuries. Their answer is the need to understand the natural order of the world in order to achieve harmony. And harmony is what we may miss today most of all. This book is so incredibly useful to anyone who thinks about the world, seeking guidance on how to strategically address a variety of living or working situations, and how to understand the principles that human society has been working for several thousand years.”

And from Tai Ji Akademie:

“American author Tom Bisio’s book  Inner Power that came out this August is somewhat unusual in its scope. It links three main themes: The Book of Changes (I-Ching), Chinese Strategic Thought, and Martial Arts. But do not expect any esotericism. The concept of Chinese thinking that this book offers is more accurate than many of what is available from commonly available information. Legendary stories from the battlefields of ancient China have their overlap to date. And if someone is only interested in one of these themes, do not be discouraged, you can focus on what your interested in and still return to the others later.”

Ba Gua in France 2017/2018: Formation de BA GUA ZHANG 2017/2018

Ba Gua Training 2017-2018:
Un cycle de formation de 3 séminaires (3 weekends)
de Ba Gua Zhang “les pratiques fondammentales”

Instructor Fluent in French and English *** Instructeur maîtrisé en français et en anglais

Nous vous proposons ici une formation inédite en France sur le Ba Gua Zhang: formation complète et structurée s’adressant soit aux :

– Débutants
– Thérapeutes
– Instructeurs de Qi Gong, Tai Ji, arts martiaux, yoga….

– Si vous êtes thérapeutes cette formation vous permettra d’acquèrir des outils concrets afin de développer votre énergie et de mieux ressentir celle de vos patients, d’augmenter vos compétences dans les soins
( technique de massage, sensation à l’aiguille, au touché…)
Vous observerez également une augmentation de vos capacités de concentration ainsi qu’ une clarté de l’esprit et ainsi une amélioration de vos résultats en cabinet.

– Si vous êtes débutants vous apprendrez un système clair et structuré de développement du corps, de l’énergie et de la santé. Le but du Ba Gua Zhang est de développer ou de préserver des capacités physiques et mentales . La progression proposée est accessible à toutes et tous.

– Si vous êtes instructeurs de Qi Gong, de Tai ji... vous apprendrez une méthode systématique de formation aux bases du Nei Gong du Ba Gua Zhang. La pratique du Bagua vous aidera dans les autres pratiques que vous enseignez, il élargira vos percepectives sur ce que vous connaissez déjà. La formation sert de préalable à une formation d’instructeur en juin 2019 avec Tom Bisio, Valérie Ghent et Pascal Jauffret (places limitées)

Module 1: Le 9 et 10 décembre 2017
Module 2: Le 3 et 4 Février 2018
Module 3: Le 31 mars et 1er avril 2018
L’instructeur : Pascal Jauffret
Tarif: 590€ Pour les 3 modules soit 6 jours de formation.

Pour information et inscription: Contact

Formation instructeur de Bagua de pratique fondamentale programmée en Juin 2019
( formation d’une semaine enseignement donné par 3 professeurs – pré-requis des 3 modules de pratique fondamentale obligatoire)

Enseignement de Ba Gua Zhang le plus complet et détaillé d’occident, enseignement dynamique et structuré. Découvrez cette pratique avec des bases solides et une méthodologie claire.

Ba Gua Classes in NYC – Fall 2017: Manhattan and Brooklyn













Thursday nights, 9/14 – 12/14 (No class Thanksgiving 11/23)
Open to new students 9/14 and 9/21
Beginning Ba Gua Zhang level 1: 6:00 – 7:30pm
Ding Shi held posture circle walking
10 postures, Held, Stationary and Walking
4 fundamental footwork changes.

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Beginning Ba Gua Zhang level 2: 7:30 – 9:00 pm
Plum Blossom Stepping
Triangle Stepping
12 posture standing
Classes held at Moving Body Resources, located on the 4th floor of 112 W 27th St
Taught by Thad Wong and Jonathan Breshin
$350 for level 1 or 2: 13 class session
$500 for levels 1 & 2: 26 class session

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Tuesday nights 7:00 – 8:30pm (No class first Tuesday of every month) 9/12 – 12/12.
Classes open to new students 9/12 and 9/19
Mixed Beginning Ba Gua Zhang Class
Ding Shi held posture circle walking
10 postures, Held, Stationary and Walking
4 fundamental footwork changes.
Classes held at Brooklyn Commons Cafe located at 388 Atlantic Ave
Taught by Thad Wong and Kelly McDonald

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Detailed Collection of the Art of Xing Yi Quan by Liu Wen Hua – New Translation! (PDF)

Image for Detailed Collection of the Art of Xing Yi Quan by Liu Wen Hua – New Translation! (PDF)

Intention Qi Gong Book (PDF) – New Translation Available Now!

Image for Intention Qi Gong Book (PDF) – New Translation Available Now!

Report on NYIA/IAI Ba Gua Zhang Retreat – July 2017

On July 25th forty Ba Gua Instructors and students gathered in Salem, Virginia for five and half days of intensive Ba Gua Zhang training conducted on the grounds of beautiful Roanoke College. Participants came from Europe, Canada and all over the United States.

The training was hard, beginning with 2 hours of Ba Gua Nei Gong each morning at 6 am. Then training continued throughout the day and into the evening with breaks for meals. In addition to Nei Gong, participants learned and practiced the Old Eight Palms (Lao Ba Zhang), the 64 Linear forms, Qin Na seizing and locking techniques, Ba Gua Broadsword (Dao), the Ba Gua Yin Yang Staff, the 13 Elbows, Daoist meditation, Internal Nei Gong practices like Ba Gua’s Four Energies and Five Finger Secret, Basic Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage) and more.









It was an exciting and uplifting experience and everyone trained hard, pushing themselves past their limits. Some even elected to do extra practice and review lasting up to 11 pm. Beyond the training, one of the wonderful things about the retreat, was meeting fellow Ba Gua practitioners from different parts of the world, sharing experiences and welcoming newer practitioners into our growing Ba Gua community.









Checkout the video (on the home page) of participants talking about the retreat and about training in Ba Gua Zhang.

The retreat was led by Tom Bisio, and we were blessed to have Senior Instructors Valerie Ghent, Wes Tasker, Nelson Tai, Reggie Hailey, Thad Wong and Adam Wasserman assisting and leading different training segments. Our thanks  to instructors Wolfgang Schwalenberg (Germany), Mark Greenfield (NYC), Jonathan Breshin (NYC), Bryan Isacks (Ithaca, NY), Pascal Jauffret (France), Kelly MacDonald (NYC), Svilen Pronev (Toronto), Stephane Turbide (Montreal), Joe Cool (Portland, OR), Steve Cosimano (Albany, NY), Greg Johnston (Salem, VA), Andy Kriger (NYC), Keith Norris (Providence, RI), and John Paul Magenis (Louisville, KY), for being there and helping out.

Much Thanks to Valerie Ghent for the Great Photos!

Zhu Ge Liang (Kong Ming) the Master Strategist – T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Water Bottles

T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Water Bottles Featuring Zhu Ge Liang (Kong Ming)


Visit our Shop

Now available from the New York Internal Arts (NYIA) shop at CafePress:  Tote bags and Water Bottles Featuring Zhu Ge Liang (Kong Ming) the brilliant strategist from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, appearing as a character in the film Red Cliff. Zhu Ge Liang, known as the “Sleeping Dragon,” was a master of psychology, deception, and misdirection. His writings are studied by both Asian business mangers and military strategists. A great present for martial artists, military buffs, or armchair strategists.

Read more about Zhu Ge Liang in Beyond the Battleground: Classic Strategies from the YIjing Baguazhang by Tom Bisio: Available at


Now Available! German-Language Editions of the Entire Ba Gua Nei Gong Series

The Ba Gua Nei Gong Series

Volume 1: Yin Yang Patting & Dao Yin Exercises

Volume 2: Qi Cultivation Exercise & Standing Meditation

Volume 3: Twelve Posture Standing

Volume 4: Foundational Body Training(Ji Ben Gong)

Volume 5:  Tian Gan (Heavenly Stem) Nei Gong

Volume 6: Marrow Washing Nei Gong

Now available in a German Language Editions

Band 1: Yin Yang-Leitbahnenmassage & Dao Yin-Übungen

Band 2: Übungen zu Qi-Kultivierung & Stehende Meditation

Band 3: Zwölf Stehende Haltunge

Band 4: Ji Ben Gong – Grundlagentraining für den Körper

Band 5: Tian Gan Nei Gong

Band 6: Das Nei Gong zur Waschung des Knochenmarks

The German-Language Editions of Ba Gua Nei Gong Vols 1 -3 by Tom Bisio are now available thanks to the efforts of NYIA/IAI instructor Wolfgang Schwalenberg, who carefully translated the texts and arranged for publication in Germany. Wolfgang teaches Ba Gua Zhang, Zhang Kuntao, Xing Yi Quan and Nei Gong in Hamburg.

Wolfgang can be contacted at: Shen Wu

To order:

Ba Gua Nei Gong Vol. 1 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 2 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 3 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 4 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 5 CLICK HERE

Ba Gua Nei Gong  Vol. 6 CLICK HERE

NEW 2017 Ba Gua Zhang Classes in NYC!

2017 Ba Gua Zhang Classes in NYC

Beginning level Ba Gua Zhang classes are taught twice a week: Tuesdays in Brooklyn and Thursdays in Manhattan.

The Manhattan class runs in 3 month sessions and the Brooklyn class runs in 2 month sessions.

New students are eligible to join for the first two classes of each session.


Thursday nights
Beginning Level 1 6:00 – 7:30pm
Beginning Level 2 7:30 – 9:00pm

Classes held at:
Moving Body Resources
112 West 27th Street, 4th flr (Buzzer 4)

3 month intensives open to new students in January, April and September.

Taught by Thad Wong and Jonathan Breshin.

$350 for 1 class,  $500 for both


Tuesday nights
(no class first Tuesday of every month)
Mixed Beginning level class

Classes held at:
Brooklyn Commons Cafe
388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

2 month sessions open to new students in January, March, May, September and October.

Taught by Thad Wong and Kelly McDonald.
$150 per 2 month session

TO REGISTER: email Thad directly at moc.liamgnull@niloahskroywen. Please include which classes you plan on attending. Class size is limited to 20 students/class.

Training in China 2016 – Qin Na With Master Zhao Da Yuan Wu (Part 2)

Led by Tom Bisio and Valerie Ghent, our small group of IAI instructors from New York City and Hamburg, Germany, traveled to Beijing this August. During the second part of our trip, we trained in traditional Qin Na with Master Zhao Da Yuan, who for forty years taught Qin Na’s practical and even deadly techniques to police, bodyguards and military personnel from many countries. Upon his retirement several years ago, Master Zhao has focused on passing on the full scope of the art of Qin Na to his very dedicated disciples.

 Hands-on Teaching Master Zhao Da Yuan

                  Master Zhao Da Yuan Teaching

Hard Training

Training was conducted on agricultural farm/hostel just outside of Beijing. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by Master Zhao and his disciples. Many of Master Zhao’s disciples came from distant provinces. They had gathered at the farm to train intensively for a 5-day period.

We began the next day wearing karate uniforms (gi) so that we could practice seizing and throwing techniques without having to actually seize the tendons and fascia. The heat and humidity combined with the long sleeve uniforms was a challenge. We drank many bottles of water and literally wrung out our uniforms before hanging them up to dry in between training sessions.

Although the training was grueling, it was wonderful to share farm fresh meals each day, including freshly caught fish, with Master Zhao and his disciples.

Gao Yu Bing Demonstrates a Technique

         Gao Yu Bing Demonstrates a Technique

Foundation First

Master Zhao is a methodical precise and exacting instructor. One of his top disciples Ms. Gao Yu Bing, put us through our paces each day under Master Zhao’s watchful eyes. We started from the ground up with basic foundational exercises, blocking drills and intensive practice of the Qin Na Hooking Hand (Diao Shou), which is used to seize sinews, flesh, channels and acu-points. Then we progressed to throwing and falling, including flipping off the thrower’s back to land on one’s feet.

Qin Na

Before learning specific Qin Na techniques, we practiced Yielding Body Training (Rou Shen Gong). Rou Shen Gong is a method of teaching the body to relax and flow with the opponent in order to escape joint locks. This was not as easy as it looked, but added greatly to our understanding of the Qin Na body mechanics and tactics.

Yielding Body Gong

                               Yielding Body Gong

Once Master Zhao saw that we had the basic skills for avoiding injury, we learned two  Qin Na forms, Ba Ba Zhong Na “Eight Forms of Upper Seizing”, focusing on wrist Qin Na, and Ba Ba Shang Na “Eight Forms of Upper Seizing”, focusing on elbow and shoulder Qin Na.

Ba Ba Zhong and Na Ba Ba Shang Na are each composed eight basic techniques, which can be also practiced as a solo form. When training with a partner each of eight techniques has a least two variations, counter moves, and counters to the counter move. So eight techniques quickly became thirty techniques! Each night we furiously wrote down all the variations in our notebooks. By the end of our training we realized we had just scratched the surface of the art.

After five days of intense training, although our joints were sore and we ached in places we didn’t know existed, we all agreed that we wanted to come back and do it again as soon as possible.

If you missed Part 1 of Training in China 2016 – Click Here

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